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How to Make a Strawberry Latte

How to Make a Strawberry Latte

As summer fades into fall, it’s easy to embrace the pumpkin spice and leave all those fantastic summer flavors behind.

But if you live where winters are frigid, holding onto summer becomes less about novelty and more about survival!

And there’s nothing that screams summer more than fresh strawberries! Today’s post is all about how you can make an iced strawberry latte while doing a little summer dreaming.

Try it hot or cold; I guarantee it will be your new favorite drink!

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What’s in an iced strawberry latte?

This delicious drink has a few simple ingredients.

Creamy milk, a strawberry sauce made from real strawberries, ice cubes, an espresso shot, or any type of coffee you have on hand is all you need for this easy recipe.

And top it off with some whipped cream for an extra treat!

Although you can buy flavored syrup, we will discuss how to make a homemade strawberry syrup that is simple and delicious.

The advantage of making your own is that you can decide how you want to make it. You can choose how much sugar to add and whether the strawberries are fresh, frozen, or organic.

And if you’re lactose-intolerant or follow a vegan diet, you can substitute any kind of milk you prefer. Try using coconut milk for a fun, tropical twist! Another plant-based milk that works well for this recipe is oat milk, but almond milk works equally well.

If you prefer a drink with more body, try using whole milk and frothing it up with either a hand frother or mixer.

This amazing drink recipe is easily customizable to your tastes and diet preferences.

Do you have to add coffee?

Nope! If you’re making this for your kids, you might want to skip the coffee and stick with homemade strawberry milk instead. You can also add a scoop of ice cream to make this drink special.

And if you love matcha tea, try mixing matcha powder with milk or even heavy cream to create a unique strawberry matcha latte.

Looking for other coffee-free drink ideas? Check out my version of the pink drink in this recent post.

Strawberry Latte Recipe

Creamy milk, fresh strawberries, and coffee combine in this delectable latte!
Total Time 35 minutes
Servings 1 serving


  • 5-8 Strawberries fresh
  • 2 tbsp Sugar
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1 shot Espresso optional
  • Ice cubes


  • Sprinkle sugar on the strawberries and let them sit for about 30 minutes.
  • Blend the sugared strawberries in a blender or food processor.
  • Pour the strawberry mixture over the ice cubes.
  • Add a shot of espresso or your coffee of choice.
  • Finish with the milk. Enjoy the pretty layered look of this drink before giving it a stir and a sip.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Korean Strawberry Milk?

A drink served in Korea that consists of a strawberry puree, coarsely chopped pieces of strawberry, and milk.

It’s also referred to as a strawberry latte, even though it’s not traditionally a coffee-based drink.

Can you substitute frozen strawberries for fresh ones?

Absolutely! You can even buy pre-sweetened strawberries and skip the sugar step.

Blend the frozen strawberries and finish out the recipe as noted above.

Can you enjoy this drink warm?

Yes. Skip the ice. Warm the milk, and you have a comforting version of this drink that’s perfect for a chilly day.

If you need another reason to serve a strawberry-based drink in winter, consider the natural immune system boost you’ll get from all that vitamin C!

What kind of sugar should you use to make this recipe?

Cane sugar is always an excellent option for adding a touch of sweetness to drink recipes. But you can also try plain white sugar or even brown sugar.

Final Thoughts

This strawberry latte recipe is refreshing, flavorful, and easy to make. It’s a great way to use up fresh strawberries while they’re in season.

And there’s nothing like a strawberry drink to get you through those cold, dark, midwestern winters!

Let me know how you like it in the comments below! And don’t forget to pin this recipe for later.

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