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How to Make a Caramel Raspberry Espresso Shaker

How to Make a Caramel Raspberry Espresso Shaker

If you’re looking for a refreshing summer drink that’s both easy and unique, look no further!

Although it sounds like a strange combination, raspberry and caramel are a delicious flavor combination that, when paired with ice-cold espresso, will quench your thirst like nothing else!

So come along with me as we explore this unique flavor pairing in this easy, DIY recipe!

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What is a caramel raspberry espresso shaker?

The luscious flavor of caramel meets the bold flavor of raspberry in this refreshing take on an espresso shaker.

And if you’ve never tried one before, an espresso shaker is simply espresso shaken with ice to create a crisp, iced-cold coffee-based beverage.

The drink is then topped with cold foam made with oat milk. 

It’s a delightfully refreshing drink that will quickly become your new summer obsession!

What’s in a caramel raspberry espresso shaker?

This recipe comes together quickly with simple ingredients you may already have in your kitchen.


I prefer a rich espresso flavor in this drink. However, you can substitute whatever type of coffee you have on hand. And if you want to cut back on the coffee flavor, use one shot of espresso instead of two.

Flavored seasonal coffees might be a unique twist on this drink. Chocolate raspberry-flavored coffee would definitely enhance the flavors of the drink.

Cold-brewed coffee would also work well in this recipe, as would regular drip coffee brewed stiffer than you would generally brew it.

Flavor syrup

For this recipe, I used Da Vinci raspberry syrup, but you could use fresh raspberries and homemade simple syrup with real sugar if you prefer flavoring without added colors or preservatives.

Although I minimized added sugar in this drink by using caramel flavor extract instead of caramel syrup, you could make a more decadent drink by substituting premade caramel syrup.

You can also find sugar-free versions of raspberry and caramel syrups if you want to decrease your daily sugar intake.

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Cold foam

I love my Instant frother for making cold foam, but you can use a hand mixer or handheld milk frother instead.

A mason jar with a lid and a little elbow grease can also produce some pretty tasty froth.

And feel free to use your preferred choice of milk. I like the taste and texture of oat milk; however, 2% and skim milk also froth reasonably well.

Non-dairy milk tends to produce less froth, but I have had relatively good success with a splash of oatmilk. 

Caramel Raspberry Espresso Shaker Recipe

Crisp, refreshing, and delicious!


  • 2 shots fresh espresso
  • 1 teaspoon raspberry syrup
  • ice
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon caramel extract


  • Pull 2 shots of espresso.
  • Fill a cocktail shaker 1/2 full with ice. Pour the espresso shots and the raspberry syrup in and shake for 2 minutes.
  • Pour the shaken espresso into a glass filled with ice.
  • Combine the cold milk and caramel extract in a milk frother and froth to your desired consistency.
  • Pour the cold foam over the espresso and enjoy! Garnish with caramel sauce, whipped cream, or real chocolate chips, if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make this drink hot?

You can certainly make a caramel raspberry espresso drink hot rather than iced. However, it would then be considered a latte rather than an espresso shaker.

Creamy steamed milk would certainly enhance the rich raspberry flavor and a delectable hint of caramel in this drink’s equally delicious hot version. 

If you opt for the hot version, skip the ice and garnish with a rich caramel drizzle or even a few premium chocolate chips.

Why should you shake the espresso?

One of the main benefits of using a cocktail shaker with espresso is that it gives the espresso a creamy texture.

It also does an excellent job of cooling the espresso quickly so that the ice in the drink itself won’t melt as fast as it would if you simply poured the hot espresso into the glass.

Shaking the espresso is the best way to prep it for all iced espresso-based beverages!

What extra equipment do you need to make this drink?

A cocktail shaker is ideal for any espresso shaker recipe, but you can substitute a mason jar with a lid. You could also use a blender bottle to create cold, creamy espresso.

A milk frother helps make cold foam. You can either use a stand-alone model or a handheld frother. 

If you don’t have a frother, use a mason jar with a lid, blender, or handheld mixer.

An espresso machine is essential for making espresso at home. 

But if you don’t have one, you can use a Moka pot or your drip brew machine and make the coffee twice as strong as you usually would brew it.

Don’t stress if you don’t have the recommended equipment. Making coffee drinks at home should be more about creativity and fun than perfection!

What breakfast foods pair well with a caramel raspberry espresso shaker?

The caramel raspberry espresso shaker is a perfect breakfast or brunch drink! It’s sweet but not too sweet and combines well with savory flavors. 

Try combining this drink with turkey bacon, an egg patty, and real Wisconsin cheddar cheese on a buttermilk biscuit. It would also pair well with a simple raspberry scone with lemon zest and savory sausage. 

Or try maple waffles with maple syrup. 

My favorite is natural whole grain oats with a side of gouda cheese and coffee cake. 

The delicious breakfast pairings are endless with this drink!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking for a unique flavor combination, the caramel raspberry espresso shaker might be right up your alley.

Its cool, refreshing taste blends exceptionally well with savory foods, but it’s also a fantastic drink for an afternoon pick-me-up.

This caramel raspberry espresso shaker is simple to make, requires minimal equipment, and is dairy-free if you use plant-based milk! Give it a try today! Happy sipping!

And if you loved this post, check out my other great coffee-inspired posts!

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