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4 of the Best Starbucks Secret Menu Items

4 of the Best Starbucks Secret Menu Items

If you’re looking for a delicious and refreshing drink to cool down with this summer, Starbucks has you covered!

They have an extensive secret menu that features all sorts of delicious options.

From fruity drinks to creamy Frappuccinos, there’s something for everyone on the Starbucks secret menu.

In this blog post, we will be sharing 3 of our favorite drinks from the secret menu.

We will also uncover key nutritional facts to help you make a fully informed ordering decision.

Whether you’re a coffee lover or a frappuccino fan, we’ve got you covered! And if you are a home barista, stay tuned because we’ve got a recipe or two to share!

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TikTok Pink Drink

This pretty pink drink is taking TikTok by storm.

The regular Starbucks pink drink is a refreshing mix of strawberry, acai, and coconut milk, and it’s perfect for summer.

If you’re looking for a fruity and delicious treat, this is the drink for you!

The TikTok version makes use of heavy cream instead of coconut milk.

It also includes 3 scoops of vanilla bean powder and whipped cream.

From a nutritional standpoint, the TikTok pink drink packs a calorie punch. The Starbucks version of a grande pink drink with coconut milk is around 140 calories. 

But the calorie count dramatically increases by adding heavy cream.

Heavy cream is the fat portion of milk and therefore has high fat and calorie contents. In 1/2 cup of heavy cream, you can expect to consume a little over 400 calories.

Coconut milk also tends to be calorie-dense, but 1/2 cup contains around 276 calories.

This type of milk also has a fairly high-fat content.

Although both types of milk have high fat and calorie contents, they also offer nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Heavy cream is high in A, D, and calcium, while coconut milk provides vitamin C, folate, and iron.

Despite the high fat and calorie content, this drink is tasty and can be enjoyed in moderation.

Homemade Copycat Pink Drink

Here's a simple and easily customizable copycat version of the Starbucks favorite!


  • Tazo Passion Tea
  • Strawberry White Grape Juice
  • Acai Powder
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract Optional to add caffeine
  • Simple Syrup Optional for a slightly sweeter drink
  • Strawberries Fresh or freeze dried
  • Ice
  • Milk


  • Brew a pitcher of Tazo Passion Tea and let it chill in your fridge for several hours.
  • Grab your favorite tall glass and add a medium size scoop of ice.
  • Fill the glass 1/3 of the way with the chilled tea.
  • Pour in the juice to fill the glass 2/3 of the way full.
  • Add a teaspoon of acai powder. You can also add the coffee bean extract at this point if you want a caffeine boost.
  • You can add a simple syrup if you want a more sweet drink.
  • Stir and add a couple of scoops of strawberries for effects.
  • Top off the drink with the milk of your choice.

And if you’re interested in a keto pink drink, you’ll need a few substitutions.

Making substitutions for fruit on keto is difficult, so watch nutrition information closely for hidden carbohydrates and sugars.

  1. Substitute white grape and strawberry extracts for the juice.
  2. Use stevia instead of cane sugar to sweeten your drink.
  3. Skip the decorative strawberries.
  4. Heavy cream is an excellent choice for a keto-friendly strawberry acai refresher, thanks to its low carbohydrate content. Unsweetened non-dairy milk also may be a good keto option.

Matcha Cold Foam Pink Drink

The pink drink is a fantastic cold drink because there are 5,000 ways to customize it!

One of the more exciting variations involves mixing a scoop of matcha powder with sweet cold foam.

The cold foam then tops the standard pink drink. It’s a colorful creation with a hit of caffeine.

Try making it at home by starting with the copycat pink drink.

The next step is to blend some heavy cream with a touch of vanilla extract and a scoop of matcha powder.

Many say this drink has a fruity flavor similar to a pink starburst.

If you add the coffee bean extract to your pink drink, it will also deliver a double whammy of caffeine thanks to the caffeine in the matcha.

The caffeine content will likely be similar to a cup of coffee, depending upon the amount of added coffee extract and matcha.

Matcha powder varies slightly but generally contains 1/3 the amount of caffeine found in a cup of standard drip coffee.

Although caffeine can be a helpful daytime pick-me-up, it can also disrupt your sleep, leading to a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation.

If you’re struggling with sleep, try cutting back on caffeine during the day, especially starting in the early afternoon.

You may find your sleep more restful and your days more productive!

The Undertow

This next secret menu item was reportedly created by a bored Starbucks barista.

The drink combines a couple of pumps of vanilla syrup with a dash of milk and is topped with 2 shots of espresso.

An undertow is best enjoyed like a shot.

This is an excellent drink if you want a hint of sweetness and a hit of caffeine without consuming a gigantic coffee.

Aside from the small size of the beverage, another unique aspect is the contrast between the hot espresso and cold milk.

It’s also a contrast of flavors. The subtle hint of sweetness pairs beautifully with the bold espresso flavors.

Although not listed on the official Starbucks menu, it’s a custom drink that can easily be made by any friendly barista once you know how it’s made.

You can use any type of milk for the drink, so using soy milk or oat milk easily customizes it to a vegan or dairy-free drink.

Substituting sugar-free vanilla syrup reduces the calorie content and glycemic index.

In other words, this drink is easily customized to fit your needs if you’re watching calories, sugar, and fat.

To learn more about this unique secret menu drink, check out our previous post dedicated to the undertow.

Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

If you’re a frappuccino lover, this next one is just for you!

This delectable creation combines 3 pumps of white mocha sauce plus one-half pump of cinnamon dolce syrup with the traditional strawberry frappuccino.

This drink is finished with drizzles of extra strawberry syrup, whipped cream, and graham cracker crumbs. It’s the perfect drink for anyone who loves cheesecake and frappuccinos!

If you’re watching calories, you may want to try and re-create this drink at home.

Although the Starbucks website doesn’t specifically list the calorie and sugar content for a venti-sized strawberry frappuccino with whole milk, similar drinks average around 500 calories with approximately 70 grams of sugar.

Many health organizations recommend eating less than 10% of daily calories from sugar.

In many cases, this means 25-50 grams of sugar daily.

Do the math, and this drink almost triples daily sugar allotment.

Although it’s OK to occasionally eat more than the daily recommendation, doing so consistently increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic health issues.

Most coffee chain frappuccinos exceed daily limits of sugar intake, but by recreating these recipes at home, you can find ways to swap out the sugar content without sacrificing flavor.

Classic syrup with fruit flavors is a significant source of sugar.

Try experimenting with making your own by substituting stevia or even monk fruit.

Sweetening with natural fruit is another way to reduce artificial flavors and sugar.

Check out our previous post on making a coffee base for frappuccinos if you’d like to try making your own at home.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this quick rundown of some of the best Starbucks secret menu drinks!

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, check with your barista before ordering to ensure they’re familiar with the drink and can make it to your specifications.

And don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your coffee!

If you loved this post, please help me by pinning it and sharing it with a friend!

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