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How to Make Your Own Dutch Bros Campout Cold Brew

How to Make Your Own Dutch Bros Campout Cold Brew

What’s better than s’mores by the campfire? A Dutch Bros Campout Cold Brew, obviously!

Keep the summer vibes groovin’ all winter long with this Dutch Bros Campout Cold Brew recipe!

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What is the Dutch Bros Campout Cold Brew?

The Dutch Bros Campout Cold Brew is a coffee drink made with cold brew coffee, chocolate milk, and marshmallow syrup. It is then topped with their signature Soft Top and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

The drive-thru coffee company introduced the drink last year as a final farewell to summer.

What does the Dutch Bros Campout Cold Brew taste like?

The Campout Cold Brew tastes like s’mores with a hint of coffee. It’s almost as good as the good vibes you get by sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows.

In a word, this drink tastes like summer.

The combination of Dutch Bros cold brew and the mellow flavor of the marshmallow syrup is a celebration of all the good things summer brings.

What’s in the Dutch Bros Campout Cold Brew?

This drink combines cold brew coffee, chocolate milk, and marshmallow syrup. You can top it with either cold foam or Dutch Bros’ signature Soft Top.

The Campout Mocha Freeze is the blended version of the drink, while the Iced Campout Cold Brew is made over ice.

Although I prefer the marshmallow flavor syrup, you could also try chocolate macadamia nut syrup to achieve a similar flavor.

Copycat Dutch Bros Campout Cold Brew


  • 1/4 cup cold brew coffee
  • 3/4 cup chocolate milk
  • 1-2 teaspoons marshmallow syrup
  • ice
  • Soft Top or cold foam
  • chocolate drizzle


  • Start by pouring the cold brew coffee into a cup filled halfway with ice. You can buy premade cold brew or brew your own.
  • Pour in the chocolate milk.
  • Add the marshmallow syrup and stir. Top with either cold foam or Soft Top, drizzle with chocolate, and enjoy!

Click here for an easy 2-ingredient copycat Soft Top recipe. And click here for instructions on making your own cold brew coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Dutch Bros. premade cold brew coffee online?

No. The popular coffee chain offers a very select menu of items for purchase online. Unfortunately, their cold brew coffee is not included.

They offer the whole bean or ground coffee versions of their proprietary coffee blend for online purchases. You could then make your own version of their cold brew.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a Dutch Bros coffee shop, you can buy a can of cold brew in the store.

What is the Dutch Bros coffee franchise?

A specialty coffee shop started in Grants Pass, Oregon.

According to the Dutch Bros website, the Oregon-based company began in 1992, and they have since spread to multiple other states, including Arizona, California, and Texas.

How do you make cold foam?

Cold foam is milk that has been frothed to produce tiny bubbles. 

Some people swear by using skim milk to create cold foam; others believe in using half-and-half. Still other home baristas use a combination of nonfat and full-fat milk.

Try a few varieties yourself to see which you prefer.

Some people add a bit of sugar and flavoring for a sweet topping perfect for cold brews and iced coffee drinks. Adding a hint of white chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, or even marshmallow syrup will give you a tasty topping for any coffee creation.

There are several ways to create cold foam. You can use a milk frother, electric mixer, blender, French press, or a Mason jar with a lid.

Froth per your preference, add to your coffee creation, and enjoy!

Where can you buy marshmallow syrup?


Amazon is the best place to buy marshmallow-flavored syrup. You can also purchase sugar-free marshmallow syrup.

Can you make a blended version of the Campout Cold Brew?

Absolutely! Combine all ingredients in the blender with 1 teaspoon of either xanthan gum or chia seeds for a creamy texture.

And voila! You have a blended coffee drink featuring all the best flavors of summer!

Can you substitute espresso shots for the cold brew?

Yes. You can also try strongly brewed coffee that has been chilled.

Final Thoughts

Snow may be flying outside, but thanks to this recipe, you can relive all your best sunny days! This nostalgic drink is tasty regardless of the season and is a great way to take your home barista skills to the next level.

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