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Your Ultimate Guide to Recreating a Starbucks Undertow Coffee at Home

Your Ultimate Guide to Recreating a Starbucks Undertow Coffee at Home

Starbucks undertow coffee is a secret menu item that is increasing in popularity.

The drink has somewhat murky origins but has been around for at least 10 years.

Today’s post discusses the essential ingredients for an undertow and how it tastes.

We’ll also uncover the secret technique you’ll need to recreate the undertow coffee at home.

By the end of the post, you’ll easily be able to enjoy this delicious Starbucks drink without leaving the comfort of your own kitchen!

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What is an undertow coffee?

The undertow coffee is a drink that consists of flavor syrup with a dash of milk and two shots of espresso on top.

The espresso shots are added last, a technique that creates a layered effect.

The result is a slightly sweet and very espresso-forward coffee drink.

While the undertow coffee is generally flavored with vanilla syrup, you can use your favorite flavor.

What does an undertow coffee taste like?

The undertow coffee has a strong coffee flavor with a slight sweetness from the syrup.

The drink features a strong espresso flavor with a sweet finish.

One unique feature of the drink is the contrast between the cold milk and the hot espresso.

Many say that the undertow should be taken like a shot to truly experience the contrast between each hot and cold, strong and sweet elements.

Overall, the undertow coffee is a well-balanced drink that is perfect for coffee lovers who want a little something extra in their cup.

It’s also a great drink for anyone who wants a quick caffeine boost without consuming a giant-sized drink.

What sets an undertow coffee apart from a standard latte?

The contrast between flavors and temperature sets an undertow apart from a latte.

An undertow is made with distinct layers that separately feature the unique elements of each.

And by taking it like a shot, you get a special drink experience instead of a lukewarm coffee mess.

Thanks to the small total volume of an undertow, it’s typically served in a small cup.

A latte is created to be either hot or cold, and there isn’t meant to be a contrast between the temperatures.

This drink is meant to be savored.

There’s much more volume to a latte, and aside from the addition of whipped cream, it does not feature distinct layers or contrast of flavor.

Depending upon the latte size you order, the drink is generally served in a tall cup.

How do you make an undertow coffee?

The original undertow starts with 1-3 pumps of Madagascar vanilla syrup in the bottom of the cup.

Mix in an ounce of your favorite milk.

Half-and-half is an excellent choice that offers a luscious flavor and texture that contrasts nicely with the espresso.

But you can use whatever type of milk you prefer.

The unique layers created by the hot espresso shots and cold milk set this drink apart from other espresso creations.

Therefore, you should opt for a clear glass to enjoy the espresso drink’s aesthetic!

Once you’ve combined the pumps of vanilla syrup with the milk, it’s time to pull 2 shots of espresso.

Hold a spoon over the milk and slowly pour the espresso over the spoon and into the drink.

The spoon creates a gentle barrier for the espresso that makes the layered effect characteristic of the drink.

Once you’ve added the espresso, it’s time to enjoy your creation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other names for an undertow coffee?

The undertow is also known as a “John Wayne” and a “Breve Blast.”

When was the undertow first created?

There are different stories about the origins of this unique beverage.

Some sources say there is a reference to the drink as early as 2009, and others say 2012.

Either way, the story goes that the drink came about thanks to boredom on the part of Starbucks baristas. They came up with a unique drink, which has slowly become more mainstream.

Do you need special barista training to recreate the undertow at home?

Nope! You can easily recreate this secret drink menu at home with an espresso machine and a spoon!

Even if you don’t have an espresso machine, you can make strongly brewed drip coffee or use a Moka pot or Aeropress to create a brew similar in taste to a shot of espresso.

Can you order an undertow coffee from all coffee shops?

Absolutely! Although the drink is part of the Starbucks menu, any barista can recreate this drink.

Final Thoughts

The undertow is a unique and delicious drink that anyone can enjoy.

And now that you know how to make it at home, there’s no excuse not to try it!

Thanks to its layered flavors and temperatures, it’s the perfect choice for coffee lovers looking for something different.

Have you ever tried an undertow? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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